About Us

Moments in Time Florist is a full service, family run florist. We “opened our doors” in February of 2020 with more than 15 years of previous experience in small business and floral design. Just as we were getting to the point of finding our new storefront, life as we all knew was changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet the staff

Julia Free

Julia is the founder/owner/lead designer for Moments in Time Florist. She has nearly 15 years of floral design experience under her belt. She has happily worked for several other flower shops before deciding to finally branch out on her own. She is a proud mother and a caring wife. Julia has earned her bachelors of fine arts degree in Technical Direction and Design from Clarion University of Pennsylvania which gives her a unique perspective on floral design. Her arrangements have been praised as “some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.”

Timothy Free

Tim is working as the business manager for Moments in Time Florist. He also works as the secondary driver when needed. Tim has served in the military and is a proud father. He has most recently left working as a postal supervisor to work full time with his wife and children at Moments in Time Florist. Tim also has a bachelor of fine arts degree in Technical Direction and Design from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and his concentration on logistics and management has given him the tools he needs to help out as best as he can. He is happy to keep things working around the shop and to do his best to keep Julia from breaking the computers.

Brianne started with Moments in Time Florist as a holiday delivery driver. She very quickly learned what we do and how we do it. Shortly after she came aboard she was “promoted” to our primary driver. It did not take long at all before she was helping with arrangements. Now she is one of our dedicated designers and is doing a great job! She is a joy to have around the shop and we look forward to watching her bloom.

Shawn Free

Shawn is currently working as Moments in Time Florist’s primary driver. He is a recent graduate of Seaford High School. He is happy to help out while he prepares to head off to college.

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